The Hungarian government will maintain the current restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic until March 15.

Gergely Gulyás, Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the third wave of the pandemic had hit Hungary and numbers could “worsen dramatically” in the coming weeks. “The next two weeks will be particularly difficult,” he added.

The minister said there are a number of new variants present in the country, spreading faster than earlier ones, adding that the vaccines currently available provided protection against each of them.

Gulyás said that hopefully the current lockdown was the last of its kind, in view of the mass inoculation of people now under way. He said that the vaccination process would be accelerated in the next two weeks, with “more people receiving the jabs than the total number inoculated so far”.

The restrictions could be eased in a couple of weeks, he said, adding that the government would make relevant decisions in consideration of the results of a National Consultation survey on the subject. He also said that the government would define authorizations attached to the vaccination certificates issued to people inoculated and those who have recovered from Covid-19.